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Topics:  Using Figshare for Institutions for the first time, setting up and editing your profile, connecting to your ORCID account to figshare.

(info) Figshare offers an ORCiD integration that, once connected, will allow you to push citations for all of your public items from Figshare to ORCID.


  1. Go to and (after accepting the cookies) click on the "log in" button in the upper right
    1. If you are logged on to your computer with your SI network account, Figshare should automatically log you in and create an account for you.
      1. Depending on your browser settings, you may be prompted for your network username and password.
      2. If you can't log in (receive a 400 or 401 Error message, or see a blank screen) contact for help.
    2. If you are logging in from a non-SI computer, e.g., in the field or from your home computer, it will prompt you for your SI username and password, then for your MFA (multi-factor authentication) numeric code.

  2. Check your profile by clicking on your initials in the upper right and selecting Profile
  3. Update your profile by adding a profile picture/avatar if you wish, as well as your title and field using the drop-down menu provided 

  4. Sync your figshare account to your ORCID account
    1. From inside your profile, click on the link for Connect and enable syncing with your ORCID 

      you will be taken to the website
    2. If you are already logged into ORCID, you'll see a screen asking you to authorize the figshare access to your ORCID record. Click authorize.
    3. If you aren't logged into ORCID, it will prompt you to log in
      1. Choose Institutional login, and search for Smithsonian 
      2. Sign into ORCID with your SI network username and password.
      3. You may be prompted to sign in one more time to ORCID, this time with your ORCID id (or email address) and ORCID password (not SI network password)
      4. As above, click authorize to enable figshare to access to your ORCID record.
  5. Next....Move data into figshare