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If you are publishing a paper and need to separately deposit the underlying datasets (or figures), you can use figshare to reserve a DOI to provide to the publisher.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click + create a new item on the My Data tab
  2. Add your files (datasets, figures, ReadMe, etc.) if desired. You can add them at any time before hitting publish.
  3. Fill out the metadata form as best you can
    1. unless otherwise specified by the publisher, title your dataset with Dataset: title of the paper
    2. if you need to use placeholder metadata, remember to update it before you publish!
  4. At the bottom of the metadata form click the link for Reserve Digital Object Identifier
    1. your DOI will appear below
  5. Your item will automatically save after reserving the DOI - you can click the X in the upper right to close the metadata form.

(warning) the DOI becomes active once the item is published


Once your paper has published, go back to figshare and update any placeholder metadata fields before publishing your dataset.