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Searching for a specific author or dataset in figshare if you don't have a DOI or ORCID can be mildly frustrating, but Figshare does offer advanced search where you can specify which fields to search and include Boolean operators.

Search your own stuff

You can search your own data using the search box just above your data items list on the My data tab (circled below in  yellow)

Search Smithsonian stuff....and beyond

Use the center search box in the header area to search across Smithsonian items in figshare. 

On the search results screen you will have the options to:

  • expand the search to include content from all of figshare
  • sort by relevance, date published
  • limit by item type (figure, dataset etc.) or license
  • Follow this search” subscribes you to alerts that include your search parameters. Alerts appear next to the bell icon by your avatar.
    Search alerts can be altered or removed in the “Notifications” area of your profile.

Advanced search

You can specify which fields to search and use exact phrases and Boolean operators.

Details of how to use advanced search can be found in the API documentation