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Passwords must be changed after you first login and every 90 days thereafter.


  • You will receive an email notification to change your password before it expires.
  • Please change it before it expires. See below how to change or reset it yourself.
  • Do not send us an email to reset it, use the Self-Serve page.

Changing your Password using CLI (command line interface)

  1. Log into or (using ssh or a ssh client).
  2. At the command prompt use the passwd unix command, as follows:

    [username@login-30-1 ~]$ passwd
    Changing password for user username.
    (current) LDAP password:
    New password:
    Retype new password:

    (lightbulb) Since we switched to LDAP, this is it!

    Note the following restrictions:

    Passwords must conform to SI password policies and meet the following requirements:

    1.  at least 12 characters in length, and include at least:
      1. one digit,
      2. one upper case,
      3. one lower case, and
      4. one special character.
    2. moreover, new passwords cannot be too similar to old passwords.

Resetting or Changing your Password via the Self-Serve Page

  1. If you need your password to be reset go to the Self-Serve Password page, and request a reset:

    1. you will receive a link via email (to your canonical email, ending in .edu).
    2. follow that link to enter your new password.
  2. That same page also allows you to change your password, by entering your current one and the new one. 
    1. Note that there is a 14 days grace period to allow you to change you password after it expired before your account gets locked.
  3. You need to enable VPN or use a trusted computer to access this page.

Last updated  SGK.

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