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  • September 6, 2019 - Hydra has been upgraded as follows:
    1. OS upgrade CentOS 6.2 to CentOS 7.6  (software),
    2. Cluster management change from Rocks 6.2 to Bright Cluster Management 8.2  (software),
    3. Migrated to LDAP for user account management,
    4. Changed version of GridEngine from SGE to UGE 8.6.6 (aka UNIVA, software),
    5. Migrated and installed 81 nodes (3,960 CPUs and 29TB shared memory) to “Hydra-5” and retired oldest nodes (hardware)
    6. Installed a new 1.5PB high performance parallel file system (GPFS aka Spectrum Scale - hardware)
    7. Migrated 500TB NetApp (/home /data /pool) and 950TB near-line disk storage (aka NAS, /store)
    8. Moved /scratch  from NetApp to GPFS
  • A lot has changed, although we tried to keep the system backward compatible except for important details

(warning) (warning) (warning) Read the Hydra-5 Migration Notes (warning) (warning) (warning)

  • News pertaining to Hydra-4 is still available.
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