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Internal or External

The Smithsonian Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has TWO centrally-managed installations of Confluence
- one that can be accessed only by Smithsonian users from inside the firewall, and
- one outside the firewall that can also be accessed and used by collaborators anywhere in the world.

The "Internal Confluence" at is managed by the OCIO Office of Systems Modernization.

The "External Confluence" (this one!) at is managed by the OCIO Office of Research Computing.

Information below is for this Confluence installation only.

With Smithsonian network credentials


If you have a Smithsonian network login, you can create your own Confluence account simply by logging in using your network username and password here:

After creating your account, you will have basic read access to any space in Confluence that has permissions set for general viewing.

→ If you need view or edit permissions to a specific space, contact that space's administrator.


Similar to Confluence, if you have a Smithsonian network login you can create your own account by logging in here: 

After creating your account, you should have read access to some tickets in Jira. 

→ to be added to a project, contact the project lead

Without Smithsonian network credentials, i.e., everyone else


Send a request via the (Jira portal) including:

  • your name (you, being the SI staffer)
  • the name and email address of the person who needs an account
  • the Confluence space the person needs access to
  • any special requests or other information, e.g., if they need read only or admin permissions for the space, or if they need access only for a limited time.