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There are several page templates that are already built for you in Confluence. Most templates contain content prompts that help new users get the most out of their Confluence site and include macros that provide additional functionality.

Click Create.... to see a list of page templates with examples. They include:  (need definitions)

  • Share links 
  • Task report 
  • Product Requirements 
    • helps you to define, scope and track requirements for your product or feature.
    • creates an index page with a list of requirements and their related details
    • page includes Page Properties and Page Properties Report macro - content that you enter within the page properties macro, e.g., status, due date, or assignee will appear on the index page.
  • Meeting notes
    • creates an index page with a list of meeting notes. New meetings (created with the template) are automatically added to the index page's list.
    • automatically titles the page with the date (can be changed),  includes spaces to list attendees, goals, agenda and task list of action items.
  • Health Monitor 
  • DACI Decision 
  • File list 
  • Troubleshooting 
  • drawio
  • Retrospective
  • Project Poster 
  • Experience Canvas 
  • Jira Report 
  • How-to blueprint 
  • Decisions 
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