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This Functional Specification is a simplified guide to the design and development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the Teaching Race Online Initiative. It is not a comprehensive technical specification and does not represent a complete list of all features and requirements. The Project Team will follow our agile process throughout the development of  the MVP to create new User Stories, maintain a backlog of prioritized Stories and Tasks and develop new features while dropping others that do not align with the Project Goals.  As new Stories emerge and iterations are released, we’ll work to maintain this spec, project followers should refer to the Team's Sprint Notes for the most up to date feature set.

What Is It?

A transformational online space that is a source for healing, reconciliation and promoting a positive sense of self and identity. A robust presence on the NMAAHC main website that provides Classroom Teachers, Education Professionals, and their Community with access to resources and techniques to engage on topics related to teaching race to diverse student populations.

Who's It For (Audiences)

Early Childhood Educators

K-12 Classroom Teachers

Student Families and Caregivers

What's In It?

MVP Site Map (v1.5)

Wire Frames

Information Architecture (IA)

Four (4) Levels

  1. Main Landing Page
  2. Listing Pages for, Topics, Audiences, History
  3. Detail Pages for Individual Topics, Audiences, History Subjects
  4. Detail Pages for Articles


  • Articles are required to have at least one (1) assigned Topic and Audience
  • Articles may be assigned to more than one Topic and/or Audience
  • Articles may also be assigned to a History Subject

Page Types

Main Landing Page (see Wire Frame)

  • Sections 
    • Why / Reflect
    • How
      • Featured Topics
        • Each Topic links to corresponding Topic Detail Page
    • Key Audiences (I Am A...)
      • ECE
        • Link to ECE Audience Detail Page
      • K-12 (link)
        • Link to K-12 Audience Detail Page
      • Families / Care Givers (link)
        • Link to Families Audience Detail Page
    • Featured History Subject / Featured Article (TBD)
      • Link to corresponding Detail Page
    • Next Steps (Actions)
      • Link to Resources and/or Programs
    • Why Us, Why Now
      • Link to About Page

Sub-landing List Pages

  • Topics
  • Audiences
  • History
  • Resources List
  • Calendar
  • About

Topic Detail Pages (examples)

  • Racialized Identity
  • Historical Patterns
  • Shared Language
  • We bring to teaching who we are
  • Intersectionality
  • Exploring Internalized Racial Oppression
  • Community Building
  • Strategies for Teachers / Families
  • How to talk with children
  • What we hope for children (ABE goals)

Audience Detail Page(s)

  • Families + Caregivers
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • K-12 Educators

History Detail Page(s)


Upcoming Programs Page / Calendar

  • Intro/About Programs 
  • Upcoming Programs (calendar events)
  • Past Programs (calendar events)

About Page

  • Title*
  • Summary*
  • Content*
    • About Teaching Race / NMAAHC Education Team
    • Donor Acknowledgement

Article Page(s)

(* is required)

  • Title*
  • Summary*
  • Taxonomy / Vocabulary (tags)*
  • Author(s) (confirm with Edu Team)
  • Text*
  • Images
  • Video
  • Resources
  • Related-Articles/Publications

Tools and Resources Page (TBD)

Organized / filterable by: Topic, Audience, History - may include:

  • PDFs
  • videos
  • worksheets
  • downloads
  • external resource links

Taxonomy / Vocabulary


Many-to-Many Relationship with Content


  • Intersectionality
  • Racial Literacy
  • Bias in Educational Systems


1-to-Many Relationship with Content

  • Early Childhood Educators
  • K-12 Classroom Teachers
  • Families / Caregivers

Ages / Stages (need to confirm breakdown with Edu Team)

Many-to-Many Relationship with Content


  • All Ages
  • 0 - 2yrs
  • 2 - 5yrs
  • K - 2nd Grade
  • 3rd - 5th Grade

Content Types


  • Article
  • Video
  • Downloadable Resource

  • No labels