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When first logging into SIdora, the workbench will display the researcher's default research space.  All newly added folders and resources will be added into this space in a hierarchical display.

Step-by-step guide

  1. To Edit information about your Research Space, select the Edit Research Space drop-down and select Edit Metadata  
  2. The Research Space Edit Metadata form displays:  

  3. Enter or update description information about your Research Space.   To add an image to your research space select upload, navigate to the desired image (must be less than 1MB) and double click, the file will display in the icon box.  Select Upload to upload the image.

  4. To preview the resized image, select the highlighted "click here", the image displays the size it will be in your research space.  
  5. Click submit to save your changes and select x close to go back to the research space page.

  6. The change permissions option on the Edit Research Space drop-down menu, enables a researcher to change permissions to let other SI users view, create, edit or delete items in the research space.  

    Personal Research Spaces

    It is recommended that a user keeps their personal space (Test User Research Space is a personal space for this user) private and creates a new Research Space for any collaborative projects. When a new user is added to a Research Space, by default they can view the space, but permissions to create, update and delete items in the space can also be added. Only an owner of the space can delete the space. See Creating a New Research Space topic to add a new research space.

  7. Review the SIdora Folders and Resource Definitions to decide what folders and/or resources to add to your space next.

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