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Welcome to the new SIdora documentation space!

Welcome to the SIdora user guide homepage

This home page is the place to find SIdora help documentation, release notes, recently updated pages and featured pages within the SIdora documentation.

What is SIdora?

SIdora is designed to capture the full output from research projects as formal, structured information. This allows it to stand alongside the researcher's publications as the permanent record of the research, providing the ability to cite all or part of the information in their publications.

How to use this guide

The SIdora Guide is broken up into four main sections on the left of this page:

● The SIdora Overview gives an introduction to structure and terminology of the SIdora system. It provides an introduction to Folders, Resources and Exhibits which make up the fundamental structure of a research project in SIdora.

Logging in to SIdora for the first time gives information on how to get a SIdora account and how to log in for the first time.

Getting Started with Folders and Resources. This section is a series of How-To Articles that describes the step by step procedures of how to Create, Update, Move, and Delete Folders and Resources.

Configuring an Exhibit describes how to create and then view an Exhibition from the workbench (under development).


SIdora Release 0.6.0

Release 0.6.0 has been completed.  This latest SIdora release includes an improved user interface as well as the following new features:

    • Ability for researchers to collaborate in Research spaces - each researcher will now have as their default a personal research space, additional research spaces can be created for each project a researcher is collaborating on by clicking on the drop down and selecting Create a Research Space
    • Concepts are now called Folders, a user can add new folders to their research spaces by clicking on the +Add New Folder button at the top left of the home page. The folder will be added to the Research Space that is highlighted on the left side of the screen.
    • Resource actions have been updated to include Link, Copy and Move -
      • Link links a resource or folder to another folder, but any changes to the linked resource/folder or the original are propagated in all places where the folder/resource resides;
      • Copy copies a resource/folder to the new location and makes a duplicate of the original, so that any changes made to the copy are not reflected in the original;
      • Move moves an original folder/resource to a new location and removes it from the previous location.
    • SIdora now supports the ingest of raw and assembled genomics sequences resources and captures GGBN, NCBI and MIxS metadata



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