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Hello Sherri and all.

Per our visit last week, Vicki came up with the following details regarding a close look at just how much time is needed to scan.

We are averaging 15 hours per box which is right in line with our estimate scan time. The estimate is that it takes an operator two shifts to complete a single box. 
For example, one box had 2500 images and took 15 hours.   Another had 1996 images and took 13.  After adding everything and getting an average, 15 hours per box is the magic number.

Then there is the time to QC which is right after scan time, and in parallel to the scanning effort.  Currently, we have a single QC person able to get through 2 boxes a day.  The following morning, the scanner will start with rescans ( missing pages if any ) then inserting them before processing.  This should tighten up and production will increase as we are comfortable with the percentage of QC time.

As for progress, I will need to identify 2 additional people to meet our deadline.  That conversation will be had at our next production meeting.

More soon.


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