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  • we impose quotas: limits on how much can be stored on each partition by each user, and
  • we monitor disk usage;
  • /home should not be used to keep large files, use /pool instead;
  • /scratchpool is for temporary storage (i.e., while a job is running), it can be used if you need more disk space than what you can store under /poolscratch.
    We are about to implement an automatic scrubberBoth partitions are scrubbed (see below): old stuff will be is deleted to make sure there is space for active users.
  • None of the disks on the cluster are for long term storage, please copy your results back to your "home" computer and
    delete what you don't need any longer.
  • While the disk system on Hydra is highly reliable, none of the disks on the cluster are backed up.
  • Once you reach your quota you won't be able to write anything on that partition until you delete stuff.
  • A few nodes have local SSDs (solid state disks), and
    for special cases it may be OK to use disk space local to the compute node.

    Contact us if your jobs can benefit from more disk space, SSDs or local disk space.