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If you are interested in using these tools, we can provide a server location and customize them to your specifications. 

SoftwareLanguage or TechnologySummaryURL's



An R package to query EDAN and obtain item information.

You will need your own API key.

EDAN Python


Basic code to query EDAN from Python.

You will need your own API key.
Virtual BarcodesR + Shiny

This system allows the vendor to lookup an item in a database and scan the unique identifier from a computer screen. This allows us to reduce the production time and error rate from other methods like paper barcodes, spreadsheets, or call and response. The database is updated twice a day with a view from the unit's CIS.

GBIF Issues Explorer

R + Shiny

Winner of 2nd Place Award in GBIF 2018 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge!

This Shiny app allows researchers and data/collection managers to navigate the records with issues in a GBIF Darwin Core Archive.

Match Getty AAT

R + Shiny

Shiny app that takes terms from a CSV file and matches them to the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus. The user can also provide keywords to try to do a better match.

Locality Matching - Botany

R + ShinyShiny app that takes locations from transcription that are not clear and matches them to known locations. Runs an approximate match using databases from EMu and GBIF.

EPICC Name Match

R + Shiny

A Shiny app to help the NMNH Paleo collection on their digitization efforts. The app tries to match the scientific names from labels in the collection to the taxonomy by EPICC (Eastern Pacific Invertebrate Communities of the Cenozoic).

This app takes the string in the column "Taxonomy" of a csv file and matches it with the Taxonomy from EPICC. The process tries to find a match taking into account the variety of ways that a scientific name can appear.


Raspberry Pi 3 B+

and Raspbian

Image and video Kiosk using Rasperry Pi computers.


RR package that will provide a number of tools for data validation and scrubbing of collection data.

MD5 tool

C++Utility for Mac and Windows that calculates, and saves to a file, the MD5 hash of all files in a directory.