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  1. Log into or from the terminal.
  2. At the command prompt (after the $) use the passwd unix command.

    Enter your current password and then your new password two times.

    (warning) Note: The new password must conform to SI password policies additionally new passwords cannot be too similar to old passwords.

    Code Block
    [username@login-30-1 ~]$ passwd
    Changing password for user username.
    (LDAP) UNIX password:
    New password:
    Retype new password:

    (lightbulb) Since we switched to LDAP, this is it!

  3. If you need your password to be reset go to the Self-Serve Password page, and request a reset.

    1. You will receive a reset link by email (to your canonical email, ending in .edu) a link.
    2. Follow that link to enter your new password.
  4. That same page will allow you to change your password [that feature needs some more debugging].