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MemoryTime limit (soft CPU time)
per CPUT<7hT<6dT<30d

environments Type of jobs
6 GBsThC.qmThC.qlThC.quThC.q
mpich, orte, mthreadserial or parallel, that need less than 6GB of memory per CPU
450 GBsThM.qmThM.qlThM.quThM.q
mthreadserial or multi-threaded, 6GB < memory needed < 450GB
1 TB

mthreadserial or multi-threaded, memory needed > 450GB, restricted
1 TB

mthreadtest queue to access SSDs, restricted
256 GB

mthreadtest queue to access GPUs, restricted


8 GB

mthreadinteractive queue, use qrsh or qlogin instead of qsub; qsh is not supported12h of CPU 24h of wallclock.
2 8 GB



I/O queue, to access /store; 12h of CPU, 72h of wallclock.

256 GB

mthreadinteractive queue to access GPUs, restricted; 12h of CPU 24h of wallclock.


  • the listed time limit is the soft CPU limit (s_cpu),
    • the soft elapsed time limit (aka real time, s_rt) is twice the soft CPU limit for all the queues, except for the medium-T, 
    • for the medium-T queues, the elapsed time limits are 9 days (1.5 times the CPU limit), and
    • the hard time limits are 15m longer than the soft ones (i.e., h_cpu, and h_rt).
      Namely, in the short-time limit queues
      • a serial job is warned if it has exceeded 7 hours of consumed CPU, and killed after it has consumed 7 hours and 15 minutes of CPU, or
      • warned if it has spent 14 hours in the queue and killed after spending 14 hours and 15 minutes in the queue.
      • For parallel jobs the consumed CPU time is scaled by the number of allocated slots,
      • the elapsed time is not.
  • memory limits are per CPU,
    • so a parallel job, in a high-cpu queue can use up to NSLOTS x 6 GB, where NSLOTS is the number of allocated slots (CPUs) 
    • parallel jobs in the other queues are limited to multi-threaded jobs (no multi-node jobs)
  • memory usage is also limited by the available memory on a given node.
  • If you believe that you need access to the restricted or test queue, contact us.


  • Like any other queue, the interactive queue has limits:

    CPU12h per slot (CPU/core)
    Elapsed Time24h per session
    Memory8GB per slot (CPU/core)

  • You can request more than one slot with -pe mthread N, where N being a number between 2 and 16,
    • requesting more slots allows you also to use more memory.
  • Each user is limited to one concurrent interactive session, and up to 16 slots (CPUs/cores).
  • The overall limits of 512 slots/user include all the queues (so if you have 512 slots use in batch mode, you won't be able to get an interactive session).