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Help audiences comprehend the complex ways in which social spaces impact intersectional histories of race, gender, sexuality, and national identity by tracking Baldwin's transformation from a "transatlantic commuter" into a home owner and that transformation's impact on his role as leading thinker, writer, and activist on issues of language, literature, race, and social justice inside the U.S. and internationally.


  • Grow Engagement with Baldwin Scholars
  • Reach new audiences drawn by recent resurgence in Baldwin in pop culture
  • Improve access to the Museum's collection of Baldwin objects

Key Results

  • Measure # of Engagement Events related to scholarly resources + collection records
  • Pageviews to Baldwin Online Exhibition - break down by Visitor Groups / Demographics
  • Total Number of new Objects/Resources digitized and made publicly available

Key Audiences

  • Baldwin Scholars
  • Public drawn by the recent resurgence in the study + celebration of Baldwin



  • Elaine (OCA)
  • Allison (IT)
  • Debra (Dir. Office)
  • Princess (Advancement)


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Content Outline

Exhibition Brief

Key Dates + Milestones

August 2nd - James Baldwin's Birthday!