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Welcome to Hydra-5, the upgraded Hydra cluster.

  1. What has changed?
    1. Hardware
      1. 81 compute nodes for a total of 3,960 CPUs (slots, cores), some 33 old nodes have been retired.
      2. New storage (disk space): 1.5PB GPFS high performance parallel file system), on top of 950TB of NAS (near line storage) and 500TB of NetApp (high availability, high reliability storage).
    2. Software
      1. Upgraded OS from CentOS 6.10  to CentOS 7.6.
      2. Migrated scheduler from SGE 2011.11  to UGE 8.6.6 (Univa’s version of the Grid Ending).
      3. Replaced Rocks 6 with BCM 8.2 (Bright Cluster) for software management.
      4. Change the memory reservation definition.
      5. Bioinformatics tools have been updated.
      6. The content of the module tools/local has changed.
    3. Accounts
      1. With the switch to BCM, we also switched to LDAP for user account maintenance.
      2. We only migrated accounts of users who have logged on Hydra over the past year.