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  1. Transfer a copy of the files from hard drive to D: drive
    1. Text files go: P:\Users\COLLECTIONS_DOCUMENTATION\DigitizationProjects\Registrar_AcquisitionDigitization_Crowley\text files_Crowley
    2. Get a copy of the manifest we sent to Crowley in order to make sure all accessions are accounted for, manifests found: P:\Users\COLLECTIONS_DOCUMENTATION\DigitizationProjects\Registrar_AcquisitionDigitization_Crowley\Manifests & ORs

  1. Check PDFs
    1. Are they OCR'd
    2. Do they all have a folder image
    3. Are all pages accounted for (perform spot check)
    4. Do the accessions match with the manifest NMAH sent to Crowley