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  • Sherri, NMAH
  • Melanie, NMAH
  • Brady, Crowley


Check in on process and adjust timing of swap day and related procedures as necessary. The goal is to get this project moving on a set rotation, so as to become a routine.


  • We will move to a 3-week swap day schedule, still on Wednesdays – this is reflected in the calendar through May 2019, and will begin with the next swap on March 6
  • Crowley will continue to work on a per-shipment basis, i.e. delivering digital files for the entirety of the given shipment (we discussed moving to a partial-delivery model, i.e. delivering digital files per box rather than per shipment, but are holding off on investigating that for now while we test the 3-week model).
  • Brady estimates being able to comfortably work through 25 boxes for these three-week rotations, so that is what NMAH will aim to prep for sending
  • NMAH will send a "skinny shipment" on March 6 due to Mari's absence; we anticipate this will work out given that Crowley has not yet started Shipment 7
  • Brady will perform calculations to determine whether it is possible to reach 700,000 images produced by contract's end, or if an extension is needed
  • Brady will continue to do Monday status reports and will add a "burn down" figure for number of images produced relative to 700,000
  • Brady will investigate with Vicki the time required to send back a digital spreadsheet; it is no longer an NMAH requirement to receive the digital spreadsheet, if it impedes throughput and meeting swap day schedules
  • NMAH will look into identifying the rough date at which onion skin is no longer present in the files
  • On the Crowley side, Brady is project manager and Vicki is deputy; on the NMAH side, Sherri is project manager and Melanie is deputy – so this is the "core team" we can use to expedite communications

Crowley report on current shipment:

  • Scanning completed up through Box 71
  • QC completed up through Box 69
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