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IA has a way to create better PDFs, basically set betterpdf=true and then re-derive. The process in detail:

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to item in IA
  2. make sure you're logged in
  3. select "Edit" option and choose "change the information" (paint palette icon)
  4. scroll down to "Add another field" option
  5. Add the field label "betterpdf" (case sensitive)
  6. Add field value "true" (case sensitive)
  7. scroll down to end and hit blue "Submit" button
  8. navigate back to item in IA[IAitemIDENTIFIER]
  9. select "Manage" option under "Edit" option if present OR select "Edit" AND scroll up and select the the option "You may also visit the Item Manager" 
  10. within first "Re-Derive" section, select the “some” radio button then enter “*.pdf” into the box and click “derive”
  11. new PDF will takes approx 30 min to process
  12. check back on item in IA and if there is no indication that the item is still re-deriving the new PDF file is ready
  13. to confirm, select "SHOW ALL" under "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS" to see the dates associated with the .pdf file


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