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Title merging consists of 4 basic steps: choosing the master or “parent” title record, moving items from the suppressed (“losing”) title to the new parent title record, removing the suppressed title from search indexes, and redirecting links from the suppressed record to the new parent record.

After merging, items will likely need to be re-sequenced or otherwise edited. A link to the instructions for those processes is at the end of this document.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the Title IDs of the titles you wish to merge (two or more.) Title IDs are readily visible in the URL after /bibliography/.  Alternately you can search for the title after you log in to the Administration Dashboard. For more information see How do I use the BHL Administrative Dashboard (Admin Dash)?

  2. Determine which record you want to act as the “parent” record. This record will be the one that displays on the portal. Best practice is to choose the record that has the most robust MARC record as the parent record. However, if you are merging a BHL-contributor record with an ingest record always choose the BHL-contributor record as the parent record, even if the MARC record is not as robust.


    Do not merge titles if they are different editions of the same title.

  3. For example, two title entries for “Revue d’Entomologie” need to be merged Title ID #1 – 10428 Title ID #2 – 36341 After reviewing both records, Title ID #10428 is found to be more complete, and will be the parent record.

  4. Log onto the Portal Administration pages bhldashboard.JPG

  5. From the dashboard, find the title you wish to become the “parent” title record by clicking on “Titles” under Library Functions and searching for the Title ID, in this example Title ID #10428.

  6. Now add the items from the suppressed (non-parent) record to this parent record by clicking the “Add Item” button at the bottom of the screen underneath the list of “Title Items.”additem.JPG

  7. A screen will pop up that says “Search for a title containing the item you would like to add.” In the text box entitled “Title ID” type in the ID for the title record you want to merge into this parent record; then click “Search.”additem2.JPG

  8. Click on the title returned in the search result, to get a list of items for that title record.

  9. Verify that the box next to “Make Title 10428 the primary title for the items” is checked

  10. Check the box next to the items you want to merge into this parent record and then click “done.” (Any unchecked items will remain under their title ID and that that title will remain searchable and visible in the portal. This is rarely the goal of title merging, so it’s likely you will want to check all the boxes.)

  11. Click “Done” and you will see these items added to the list of “Title Items” for the parent record. At the bottom of the screen, click “Save.”save2.JPG


If you have additional titles that you need to merge into this parent record repeat this process until all items are merged into the parent record, making sure to save after each new list of items is added.

Suppressed Title(s)

  1. Now you must remove the old suppressed title(s) from the search index and redirect any traffic for the old URL(s) to the new parent title URL. This ensures anyone with a link to the old title will still have a working link – that redirects to the new record. The suppressed record will still exist and be findable in the Admin dashboard, but will not be visible in the Portal.

  2. Return to the dashboard and search for the suppressed Title ID to edit that title.

  3. Uncheck the “Publish on BHL Portal” box at the top of the screen.  

  4. Enter the Title ID for the new parent record (the title into which you merged all other titles) into the text box labeled “Replaced By.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: BHL promotes stable URLs and the assignment of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) as part of its services. Failing to enter the “Replaced By” title ID will result in dead links or unresolvable DOIs for our users.


  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and hit “Save.”

  2. Repeat this process for any remaining “old” titles, entering the parent record title ID into the “Replaced by” field and unclicking the “Publish on BHL” button for each. Don’t forget to save for each title change.

  3. Address any volume sequencing or metadata correction for items that have been merged

For instructions on how to re-sequence and add volume information please see this tutorial.

For the standards BHL uses for display of enumeration and chronology of bibliographic items, please see 

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