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When editing metadata within the BHL collection, you will need to use BHL's backend web-based system for making changes. This system is available here and is commonly referred to as the "Admin Dash."

Table of Contents


Admin Dash

short for BHL Administrative Dashboard or BHL’s backend administrative database.

Author ID

permanent identifier for the author or creator information found in the URL, e.g. 850 for

Item ID

permanent identifier for the digitized piece/object (i.e. book or volume) found in the URL, e.g. 105793 for


the process of manually assigning page level metadata such as “Page 2 (Text)” or “Illustration”


another name for the BHL website

Portal Editing

phrase used to describe any corrections or edits, namely metadata changes, that need to be made to content in the BHL collection using a backend database

Segment ID

permanent identifier for articles, parts, or chapters (etc) that have been “discovered” within the collection found in the URL, e.g. 92500 for

Title ID

permanent identifier for titles (i.e. MARC records) in BHL found in the URL, e.g. 730 for

Creating an Account

To get an account in the admin dashboard, go to and click the Register link at the bottom of the page. Please ensure that your password is

  • At least 10 characters long.

  • Has at least one non letter or digit.

  • Has at least one uppercase ('A'-'Z') letter

When you have an account, it will have no permissions and you will see a read-only page of statistics. Contact Bianca to get permission to edit content.

Logging In

Go to and log in with your username and password.


Upon successful login, you will be taken to the “Dashboard” for BHL administration.


(Dashboard for BHL portal editing)

Title, Item, Author & Segment Identifiers

In order to make edits to a record you can search by a number of options located under the “Library Functions” heading.  Title is a quick way to find the record you need to edit. You will then have the option of using the Title ID (located in the URL), MARC Bib ID or the Full Title.  Full Title will bring up a list of options that you will need to choose from while Title ID will take you straight to the record.

Locating Title ID

The Title ID is located in the item’s URL on the BHL website.  It is followed by a number sign that you will not include when placing it in the Title ID search box.



Locating Item ID

“Items” in BHL are the digitized pieces/objects or volumes. With each volume you can edit metadata concerning the copyright information, contributing library, as well as enumeration and chronology.

Locating the Item ID is very similar to locating the Title ID.  However, instead of getting the ID from the title, you will click on the desired item within the title.  


After clicking on the volume you would like to find the item ID for it will take you to the “View Book” page.  The item ID is located in the URL before the “#” sign.


Click on the “Items” link located in the “Library Functions” box.


The search function for Items is also in the “Library Functions” box.  This will take you to a similar screen as Title. Insert the Item ID into the designated box and Search.


This will bring up the item edit screen.

Author ID

The most popular reason for needing to edit an author is in order to do an author merge.  This is when there are multiple records for the same author which can cause confusion when users are looking for all the works of one particular author.

Instead of clicking on the title or item/volume- as you would in locating Title or Item IDs- you click on the desired author under “By.”  


Decide on which author you would like to search for and click on the selected author.


This brings up a page with all of the author’s works that are in BHL.  The Author ID is located in the URL before the “#” symbol


Click on the “Authors” link under the “Library Functions” box.


Insert the Author ID and click Search.


It will take you directly to the author you wish to edit.



There are multiple ways to search for what you want to edit.  The Title search link is marked.

Once you have your title, item or author record pulled up you will immediately be able to edit it.  


Some of the different types of edits you can make are:

Suppressing an item from the BHL website.


Editing and adding sequence/enumeration information.


Combining identical titles under one record (in the case of merging titles.)


Succeeding/Preceding Titles or Series Statement


Note: BHL derives the metadata it displays for title records from the original MARC record submitted by the “Contributing Library”. While many of the derived data fields are editable via the Admin Dash, only selected fields are displayed via the portal.


Remember to save periodically as you edit.  The save button is located at the very bottom left of the page.

Additional Modules and Functions

Admin Functions

  • Use “Content Providers” function to edit the way your organization name is displayed in the “Contributor” field. You can choose to add a hyperlink that connects your organization name to your local catalog or library homepage for example.

  • Use “Collections” function to create collections of content within the BHL that appear under the Collection Browse tab Here you may create an automated collection for all the content that your library has contributed. You may also manually create collections around a given theme. There is the option to create an HTML collection landing page such as

Library Functions

  • Use “Pagination” to get to the module that allows you to edit the page level metadata for items in BHL. Here you can add page numbers or provide more specific page level descriptions such as “Illustration” or “Map”.


Library Stats

  • Use the “Expanded Library Stats” to look up information about the number of titles, items or volumes, and pages that your library has contributed to the BHL collection. You can also see how many scientific names have been identified by our taxonomic name finding algorithm within the optical character recognized (OCR) text of the pages that your library has scanned to BHL.



  • Use “Monographic contributions” to get a report of all the monographs your library has contributed to BHL.

  • Use “Items by contributor” to get a report of all the volumes your library has scanned for BHL. Again, this is the number of pieces that have been sent for scanning and not the number of titles, as one title may have many volumes associated with it.


For the video tutorial version please click here.

For more information on different edits you can make to BHL records see the BHL Help Wiki.  

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