The report will have to come a bit later today.
Several of us were delayed due to snow further north.  A few late starts in our day.

In the meantime, we have -6 ready to deliver Wed with -5 physical. 
Additionally, we have scanned all of -7 as of Friday (14 boxes) and it is going through QC/rework currently. 
Having 14 boxes instead of more put me a week ahead of schedule because I had 20 in mind inaccurately.  We can adjust and keep to our schedule as planned and will be able to keep the scanners working with Wednesdays delivery.   No problem.

Again, I’ll follow up this afternoon with the numbers updating and more specifics. 


We will continue to play it conservatively until number -7 and the larger -8 is billed to get a better idea of 3-week counts.

Our current progress for -7 is as follows.
Scanning is complete from 84 through 97. 
QC is complete from 84 through 86
We are inserting oversize and flagged rework that has been QC’d

Now that we will get consistently more than 14-20 boxes, I imagine 2 deliveries will give us a better idea to the timeline and request of the extension.  It is looking likely.