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If you find yourself repeatedly creating the same type of page, or would like new pages to adhere to a particular layout or standard, you can create a custom page template

(warning) Space admins only!

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Space Tools...Content Tools and click on Create New Template
  2. Name your template - this will not affect the name of the page, which will be manually entered when the template is used OR you can set a pattern for the page name in the "create content from template" macro button (see step #9)

  3. Format the page to include the layout and elements you need - columns, header formats, dates, etc. 
    (info) you can copy from an existing template by clicking "edit" on that template while in the Content Tools and copy-pasting with standard keyboard shortcuts

  4. Add any macros you need to the page - Table of Contents, File List, Content by Label, etc. (warning) note the Table of Contents macro may look broken when you preview your template but will work when users create a page with your template

  5. To control data input on the page you can include "instructional text" which disappears as the user types, or you can create custom variables within drop-down menus or as part of text fields etc. (See the Atlassian documentation and good luck)
  6. Labels can be automatically applied to any new page created with your template. Click on the tag icon near the title and enter your label. Applying labels can be useful for search as well as grouping and displaying pages in your space using the Content by Label macro. (warning) labels are available for use across all spaces in Confluence, so be sure your label is a relatively unique string. Consider appending your space abbreviation at the beginning or end of the label. Make sure to separate words with hyphen or underscore rather than spaces.

  7. Preview your template, then add a description - the description will appear next to the template in the Create.... menu

  8. Your new template will appear in the Create... menu for your space only. It automatically appears at the end of the list of templates. If you want it to appear closer to the top you can "promote" it and "unpromote" (hide) other templates 
  9. To encourage use of your custom template, you can embed the "Create from Template" macro as a button on any page you choose.

This guide is brief and non-comprehensive

see also: Create a Template | Confluence Data Center and Server 7.12 | Atlassian Documentation