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If you are finished uploading files and are satisfied with the metadata you've entered you can publish. But you don't have to! Simply hit "save" without checking the publish box and publish later.

Publish now

If you are ready to publish, check the box next to Publish (at the bottom of the screen) and hit Save changes.

Figshare is a repository not a regular website.

Once you hit PUBLISH and save the dataset CAN NOT BE DELETED. Any files associated with the published dataset will be available - even if you remove them - because the dataset is versioned. The removed files will appear under an older version.

Datasets can only be permanently removed by contacting your figshare admin (usually Thompson, Keri)

Publish later

If you are not ready to publish, you can:

  1. Apply an embargo on the file(s) or both the files and metadata. You will be prompted to enter the period of embargo and a reason for why your data is being embargoed.
  2. Make files confidential before publishing.  The metadata will be public, but the file won't be. 
  3. Keep the data private by clicking Save changes without checking the Publish checkbox.
  4. Regardless of whether your data is confidential, private, or embargoed you can still reserve a DOI.

(warning) Remember: figshare is for making your data public! embargoes, confidential files, and private items should be temporary.

More about what these terms mean and how these restrictions work can be found in the section

Restrict access to data

(info) What's the deal with the Private Link? if you choose "Generate private link" in the item editing window, anyone ANYWHERE with that link will be able to view your files regardless of their publishing status. You can disable this link by editing the item and clicking the red x next to Generate Private link.

(warning) Use Private Link SPARINGLY.