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Welcome the Smithsonian Institution High Performance Computing Wiki.

This Wiki holds information for the use of HPC resources at the Smithsonian.

Central to the SI HPC resources is the Smithsonian Institution High Performance Cluster (SI/HPC), named Hydra.

  • High performance computing is administered by the Office of Research Information Services (ORIS).
  • The OCIO data center in Herndon, VA houses the high performance computing cluster, Hydra.

What's New

  • June 25, 2018
    • The time limits on the medium time queues (both mThC.q and mThM.q) have been changed as follows:

      Typesoft limithard limit
      CPU6 days (144:00:00)6 days and 15 min (144:15:00)
      WallClock9 days (216:00:00)9 days and 15 min (216:15:00)

      Namely, jobs submitted to the mThC.q or mThM.q queue can use 6 days of CPU (or 144 hour per slots) but must complete within 9 days. 

  • Reminders
    • The NVIDIA OpenGL libraries have been loaded on the login nodes.
    • The default Intel and PGI compilers have been changed to use the most recent ones.
    • New versions of compilers and IDL are available on Hydra.
    • An interactive queue has been added to Hydra, interactive use of the login nodes is being monitored.

    • All public disks (/pool and /scratch only) are scrubbed. Reasonable requests to restore scrubbed files must be sent no later than than Friday following the scrubbing, by 5pm.

    • Two test queues are available:

      • uTSSD.tq - allows use of a local SSD for jobs performing heavy I/Os,

      • uTGPU.tq - allows use of a GPU for code built with GPU capability.

  • Past news with more details can be found at the What's New page.

Cluster monitoring page

QSub Generator (only accessible within the SI network)



  • References to Hydra (publications, proposals, etc) should mention the cluster as:
the Smithsonian Institution High Performance Cluster (SI/HPC).

Last updated  / PBF/SGK/MPK.

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