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New space

You have a project, and you have collaborators, now you need a space to call your own. First, think about what sorts of tools your team will need - will you manage meetings and deadlines in Outlook, or would a Confluence calendar be  helpful? Where should documents be posted - OneDrive (for collaborative editing) or Confluence (for shared viewing)? 

It may be helpful to make a short list of what your team needs, then figure out what tools/platforms will work best to meet those needs.

Make your Space

Under the Spaces drop down (near the Smithsonian logo at the top of the page) choose Create space

Select the type of space

There are several space "blueprints" to choose from. Each comes pre-populated with certain page templates and navigation elements.

  • Blank space - includes standard navigation and basic homepage with content prompts. Must be customized by you, the admin.
  • Blog - is....a blog. You can subscribe via RSS and have the contents delivered into Outlook if so desired.
  • Documentation space - This blueprint displays the full page tree in the sidebar and hides other sidebar features including blogs and shared links. The homepage uses search and page labels to make content easy to find. Add the 'featured' label to any page you want to highlight on the homepage. This space does not include any page blueprints but you can create and promote templates for your documentation authors to use.
  • Knowledge base space - This space blueprint uses search and page labels to make content easier to find, right from the space homepage. It also contains two page blueprints for creating how-to and troubleshooting articles. The templates used in these page blueprints are completely customizable. The Knowledge Base space blueprint also Use Jira applications and Confluence together.
  • Software project space - This space is designed to help you organize your software project. The purpose-built space home page lets you view and edit your roadmap, see team members, and Use Jira applications and Confluence together. Create pages in this space for requirements, meeting notes, decisions, retros, and more.
  • Team space -  good for managing teams. Team spaces highlight the members of the team, and grants permissions to those users accordingly.

Name your space

Give your space a short, distinctive, and descriptive name (not like the example below.)

If you want, you can "hide" your space either temporarily or permanently by checking the box next to Visible only to me

Edit your space

  1. Name space can be edited by clicking on Space tools (3) and choosing Configure Sidebar 
    1. you can customize the space icon and renaming the space by clicking the pencil next to the name space
    2. you can reorder and remove navigation elements in the
  2. Navigation comes with list of pages, a blog, and calendars 
  3. Space tools is where you administer your space. It includes customization for
    1. look and feel
    2. view and edit permissions
    3. content tools that let you move pages around

Add Content

see Getting started