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note, we are using Jira SERVER not Cloud as of 2021

Jira basics

Jira is a ticketing and task management system that allows you to customize workflows, assign tasks, manage notifications, and will produce reports that help you see how your teams are doing. Jira integrates with Confluence so you can include Jira reports on Confluence pages, and point to Confluence pages to create knowledge bases (among other things).

SI's external Jira can be accessed by non-SI users. They must create an account (after being invited by the Jira admin) and read and agree to the Terms of Use and User Guidance for the Confluence/JIRA Collaboration Site. Like Confluence, Jira should not be used to share or store PII.

(info) Never used Jira before but want to test it out? You can sign up for free access to the Cloud version of Jira here: Sign up - Try Atlassian Cloud | Atlassian

Project types & Use cases

Jira server includes three main types of project templates, useful for three broad use cases: software development, help desks, and task/project management

  • Jira Software - typically used for managing software development, particularly agile development, but broadly applicable to many types of project management
    Jira | Issue & Project Tracking Software | Atlassian
    • Use cases: Agile teams; Bug tracking; Project management; Product management; Process management; Task management; Software development; Requirements & test case management
    • Jira Software has 3 out-of-the-box project templates
      • Kanban - includes kanban boards which help the team visualize the flow of work
      • Scrum - specifically for agile/scrum teams, comes with scrum boards that help manage sprints
      • Software - good for all basic kinds of process/project management including task assignment, problem tracking
  • Jira Service Desk - used for "helpdesk" style issue submission and tracking
    Jira Service Management | A new take on ITSM software (
    • Use cases: Service Desk (Help Desk); Service Request Management; Incident Management; Problem Management; Change Management; Asset Management; Customer Support; Ticketing Support 
      • Includes a landing page that allows customers to put in service tickets to report problems or make requests
  • Jira Core - used for knowledge management and business project management
    Jira Core - Project Management for business teams (
    • Use cases: Non-technical team projects; Workflow approvals; Task management


Learn Jira Basics - Atlassian Training